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Weight Loss

I am asked daily from patients about how to lose weight. Unfortunately there is not one answer for everyone. I will tell you the number one reason for obesity is consuming too many carbohydrates and too much sugar! We are a carb nation. Unfortunately Missouri is the fattest state in the United States!!! Sugar is a drug and affects the same receptors in our brain as morphine and therefore is addictive. Most people will have withdrawal symptoms including headaches, irritability, and shakiness for 4-7 days after getting sugar and carbs out of their diet. However everyone feels better, has less food cravings, and has more energy and they sleep better when they take sugar out of their diet. So why don’t we all do this? “Life” in general is the reason. There are many diets to choose from but you might start with getting sugar out of your diet and limiting the carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, and pasta. I promise you will feel and look better!

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