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Reconnect With A Friend

That was my New Years’ Resolution this year. Being a wife, Mother and a busy Physican has occupied my time for years and like many of you, you wake up and realize life is going so fast that you’ve missed out on the other “balancing aspects of life, which are “friends”. My oldest daughter affirmed this recently when she said most woman are busy going to school, becoming wives and mothers, raising their children and there is no time left for themselves or friends. She acknowledged most woman don’t make time for friends again until they are older and have their children raised. I visited one of my best friends in San Antonio Texas earlier this year. We both cried at the airport as I left and vowed that it would not be another 16 years before we saw each other again. As a matter of fact her husband saw the joy we brought to each other and they’re coming with their three sons to visit me and my family in August. I also traveled to see an old high school bestie in Phoenix Arizona. Likewise, her husband saw the joy our friendship brought to each other and they are making the effort to visit us in September. We all promised to see each other more often. Make the effort to re-connect with old friends, life is too short not to. We need each other to help balance us out!

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